Zing Anything - Leaking Products Troubleshooting Video & Guide

Very rarely, there can be an issue with leaking Zing Anything products. Usually in most circumstances, it a case of a misaligned gasket/seal in the product rather than a fault as such. Once the rubber gasket is un-kinked or lined up correctly on the bottle, any leaking problems are usually solved.


Also, make sure the bottle is closed tightly; leaks can occur if the bottle is not completely tightened.    Here are is a video and fact sheet explaining how to troubleshoot leaking Zing Anything products:


For help on how to check or remove the gasket please see our video guide:



For a written guide, please see:



Finally, please make sure you have a genuine bottle from Zing Anything, as there are some counterfeits on the market falsely advertised as Zing Anything BPA-free bottles and these products are renowned for their bad quality, leaky parts and inferior quality. Please see our counterfeit guide here.